Our workspace is an intimate multi-purpose space that meets the needs of budding entrepreneurs, remote workers and small teams:

Find a place to get work done

Work with your team members on a part-time basis (and pay for part-time only)

Run your own workshops, events or supper clubs

and many things more.

Important note: The space is not female-only, even though it has been designed for women.


Radical concept, we know! 😉


Hot desk:

1 day per week

2 days per week


Fixed desk:

£70 + VAT per month

£120 + VAT per month

£250 + VAT per month

£350 + VAT per month


£25 + VAT

If you spontaneously need a workspace for a day, then our Day Pass is just what you need!


Email us to book one. You can pay on arrival.


£15 per month + VAT

If you don't want to (or are not allowed to) register your business at your home address, then you can register your new company with us! We will collect your post and email you for pick up.


This service independent of membership and can be added to any membership level.


Is the workspace female only?

Nope. Our space was designed with the needs of female founders in mind, but we are open to all.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you're very welcome to bring your dog - as long as he/she is not too noisy and doesn't pee on our carpet (which happened before 🙈).

What are your opening times?

We are open as a workspace from Monday to Friday from 9am till 7pm. The space can be hired for events on weekends and on weekday evenings until 10.00pm.

Got more questions? 😊