Had I Known: How To Understand Your Clients Needs

Exciting news: My video series now has a name! 😃

After a lot of feedback and polling, I settled on "Had I Known" which encapsulates the practical and tacit insights that founders only learn through experience (for better or worse).

My mission is to uncover those insights and help budding entrepreneurs make better decisions on their startup journey.

My guest this week is Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids, a startup that has raised over £10 million to build the best childcare service in the world.

In our conversation, we'll tackle questions that a lot of founders are familiar with:

- Once you've launched your product, how do you make it better for your customers or users?

- How to strike a balance between asking your clients for feedback and annoying them?

- How to translate feedback you have received into product features (such as the Nanny Share Family Finder)?

- How to roll out a feature without breaking things and measure success?

.... and many things more!

As always, do let me know if there is a burning question you have and I'll try to get it answered by an expert.

Until next week, keep blooming! 😊