Had I Known: How To Prepare For Your First Investor Meeting

Happy Monday!

We are back with a new episode of Had I Known and it's with Akriti Dokania, investor at Octopus Ventures, a £1.2 billion fund based in London and focusing on investing into the Future of Money, the Future of Health and Deep Tech.

Akriti shares her top tips with founders who are preparing for their first investor meeting.

In this episode, we'll cover questions like:

- How should you build your investor pipeline?

- What's the best way to get in touch with investors?

- What should you do when the investor reaches out to you first (and you have nothing prepared)?

- What are the things that founders tend to forget to mention when they're pitching?

- What how long does the fundraising process typically take at Octopus Ventures?

.... and many things more!

As always, do let me know if there is a burning question you have and I'll try to get it answered by an expert.

Until next week, keep blooming! 😊