How The VC Industry Needs To Change

In this week's episode, I'm interviewing Tazz Gault, angel investor and founder of InvestWell.

Originally, we wanted to chat about Tazz's perspective on fundraising for founders, but we quickly drifted to a conversation on how the VC industry needs to change - because there is truly a lot of things to talk about!

- Is the 'passion' that founders display really such a good indicator for success?

- How can we create a more balanced relationship between founders and investor that benefit both (i.e. how not to be scared of your investors)?

- How can alternative funding schemes (such as Revenue Based Investing, aka RBI schemes) help founder overcome the issue of not being able to raise a sizeable "friends & family round" to invest in further marketing?

- Is the future of venture made up of more zebras than unicorns?

If you are interested in joining InvestWell and be part of the movement, feel free to reach out to Tazz via Linkedin.

Want more insights on fundraising or venture capital? Let me know and I'll try to answer in a future episode.

Until next week, keep blooming! 😊