Fundraising Advice from an Angel Investor

Our second episode is here! 😃

Today, I'm talking with Deepali Nangia about angel investing.

Deepali is solely focused on investing in women-led ventures and is very active in the female angel investment space.

Besides her own initiative Alma Angels, she has also been selected by Atomico to join the second year cohort of Atomico's Angel Investor Programme and will be have $100,000 to invest in in early stage companies in 2020.

In this interview, we are diving into the following questions:

- What is Deepali is looking for in early stage startups?

- What are red flags for her?

- What kind of due diligence is she doing on startups?

- What is her advice for solo founders?

- How should startups manage growth expectations?

Thanks so much for watching, I hope this was helpful.

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