Discussing Authentic Company Culture & Cultivating Diversity

In this week's episode, I'm interviewing Krishan Meetoo, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Construct.

Krishan has built Construct (previously known as Proversity) across four continents and is a huge advocate for diversity in business.

In our conversation, we are covering:

- What is your company culture and, if you don't have one yet, how can you create it in authentic way?

- How can you bake in diversity into your business and what are specific benefits of

- Can cognitive diversity be the key to solving the challenges in your business?

- How can you hire for a role that you've never hired for before?

What are the key issues that you are struggling with regarding company culture and recruitment? Let me know and I'll try to get an expert to answer.

Until next week, keep blooming! 😊