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is this you?

You have started a business and there are a gazillion things to do. You are the website admin, copywriter, social media manager, sales person, customer support and logistics coordinator all rolled into one. 

You could really do with a helping pair of hands (or maybe two or three pairs), but you don't know where to find those. Most importantly, you want to keep expenses as low as possible. 

If this is you, then we have the perfect solution to help you!

how we can help

We specialise on placing students who are legally exempt from the minimum wage criteria (roughly £1400 per month).

They are either looking for internships as part of their academic curriculum or are international students on specific work visas.

While it's not compulsory to pay these students an internship salary, we do encourage a compensation of around £200-300 per month or a monetary bonus for great work at the end of the internship. 

Typical tasks that our interns can help you with are: 

  • Social media management

  • Content creation

  • Research

  • Customer support

  • Business and data analysis

  • Finance & accounting

  • PR outreach

  • Lead generation

  • Events / webinar management

Our fees are simply:

£200+VAT / month for full-time interns 

£150+VAT / month for part-time interns (up to 20 hours / week)

These fees are only payable once you have made an internship offer and the intern accepts, so it's completely risk-free to start the search.

There are no other strings attached. Unlike other agencies, we don't charge anything if you decide to hire the candidate after the internship.

4 simple steps
to FIND an intern




Fill out our survey and let us know what type of intern(s) you are looking for.



If we think that we can help, we will reach out to ask you for a job description for every role you are looking to fill. 



We will make curated suggestions of talent whose skills and ambitions match with your role.



You tell us, if you would like to interview the suggested talent, and we will set it up for you. 

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